In-Training Assessment – We Need Your Questions ASAP please

Assessment – We Need Your Questions, please!!!

We aim to run another In-Training Assessment during May but we need more questions. Writing questions is a great way to strengthen your learning. If everyone who completed one of the EIOMFA pilots added a couple of questions each, we would have more than enough for an assessment.

There is some useful information on how to write MCQs at Try not to include negative questions (when does it ‘not’ or which of these is false or double negatives). Avoid always and nevers.

Remember the in-training assessment is aimed at all levels (from first day as a junior in OMFS to newly qualified specialist). As long as it is it a good question about something that we in OMFS need to know and to which there is a ‘right answer’ please put it in. From extracting teeth through pharmacology to free-flap reconstruction. Try to do two this this weekend if you possibly can.

As soon as I have enough questions, I will set up and assessment. It will once again be free of charge to all participants.

Very best wishes,

Patrick Magennis

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