AOCMF European Forum — Current Concepts and Controversies in (ARONJ)

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Datum / čas
Date(s) - 20/04/2018 - 21/04/2018
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Místo konání
Diplomat Hotel Prague



This educational event is delivered using a combination of lectures, small group discussions, and panel discussions over 1.5 days. The expert faculty focus on the practical application of evidence and expert opinion in clinical practice, covering both nonoperative and operative treatment options. Participant and faculty interaction and active discussions in both the plenary and small groups are key features of the educational methods used in this event.

Learning objectives:

Diagnose ARONJ and its different stages
Prevent ARONJ before and during antiresorptive treatment
Decide on suitability of nonoperative treatment
Decide, plan, and perform appropriate operative treatment, including management of soft tissue
Plan the oral rehabilitation
Describe the potential future use of antiresorptive drugs in oral and maxillofacial surgery