Only 21 days left to use New Medartis In-Training Assessments

21 days left to assess your OMFS knowledge

Thanks to our new sponsors Medartis, we can offer three new on-line assessments. There is a Single Best Answer (SBA), Extended Matching Item (EMI) and Image based questions online formative assessment. Formative assessments are designed to support and improve learning. They are assessments FOR learning rather than OF learning. There is NO COST to take part so please invite your pals to join in and also invite their pals too.

You will be given your score at the end of each assessment you take. When the assessment finally closes to new candidates at the end of the summer, you will also receive your ranking overall and your ranking against your national/international peers. We aim to have another batch of assessments ready for this Autumn.

To have a future, these in-training assessments need all those who use them to contribute to the question bank. The questions do not need to be difficult. They should just be about something at trainees of any level should know – from beginner to specialist. If you have experience of high stakes examinations, this knowledge puts you in a great position to both improve your knowledge/understanding and help your colleagues by creating questions of a similar standard. Please use the links at the end of this document to add at least 2 questions.

When you are ready to complete an assessment click start and use the current password Medartis2019  then follow the instructions on-screen.

If you have any problems let me know. As you previously registered for an In-Training Exam, you will not have to register again.

Best wishes,
Patrick Magennis and Frank Hölzle
International OMFS In-Training Assessment Group (IOITAG).

P.S. To have a future, these assessments need trainee participation as participants and contributors. USE THEM OR LOSE THEM.