In-Training Assessment

OMFS sekce UEMS připravila pro lékaře v předatestační přípravě test, podle jehož výsledků můžete porovnat své znalosti s ostatními trainees napříč zeměmi Evropy. Test je přístupný do konce prosince. Můžete též přispět vlastními otázkami. Více viz níže.

OMFS Section of UEMS In-Training Assessment (OSUITA)

New Assessments for April 2022 (plus please add questions – see below) – Sign up for assessment

Welcome to these latest opportunities to use online Single Best Answer (SBA). Formative assessments are designed to support and improve learning. They are assessments FOR learning rather than OF learning.

You will be given your score at the end of each assessment you take. When the assessment finally closes to new candidates, you will also receive your ranking overall and your ranking against your national/international peers (please check your profile – choose the correct country!

This may be the last edition of these questions unless OMFS trainees take the time and effort to contribute (thanks to those of you who have helped this time)

To have a future, these in-training assessments need all those who use them to contribute to the question bank. The questions do not need to be difficult. They should just be about something at trainees of any level should know – from beginner to specialist. If you have experience of high stakes examinations, this knowledge puts you in a great position to both improve your knowledge/understanding and help your colleagues by creating questions of a similar standard.

Please do not submit actual questions from the FRCS (OMFS) or other ‘high stakes exams’. Not only is this against the rules, statistical analysis of ‘leaked’ questions simply results in their removal. Helping people revise and find out their unknown unknowns is the main purpose of this exam.

Please use the link below to add at least 2 questions of each type.

When you are ready to complete an assessment click start and use the current password #OMFSuems  then follow the instructions on-screen.

Last 3 year’s ITAs are reopened with the same password #OMFSuems

If you have any problems let me know. I have invited UK trainees to participate (in the hope it will give those taking Part 1 of the FRCS (OMFS) some useful practice and everyone else the chance to find their ‘unknown unknowns’. If you know someone like that, give them a nudge.

These 5 assessments will close at midnight on at the end of December (unless there are requests to keep open for another week or two).

Best wishes, Patrick Magennis

PS I realise those trainees who have completed their FRCS (OMFS) may not be keen to complete the assessments, but I plead with them to take the time to contribute questions. It is only be having a large question bank that this will continue. Use it or lose it.

PPS Medartis, who directly sponsored these ITAs for 3 years continue to support it indirectly through an unconditional grant to EAMCFS – thanks for their help.

Contribute questions – this is very important

Please use the link

log-in    omfstraineesinternational       (all lower case)
password    #OMFSuems    (all lower case)
Please don’t change the e-mail address of this account!!!

Previously registered

If you have previously registered for the EIOMFA, you can use the same log-in at and skip to

Assessment Selection in these instructions

Not registered

Go to link and click the ‘new account’ button.

Register a log-in name and e-mail address. You will be sent a link to register for the assessment to this e-mail address.

Log-in to the website

Enter your details onto the form (it should already be populated with your e-mail address). The default nation is Denmark because this is where the software company are based.

If you do not put your nation into the profile, you will be allocated Denmark. So unless you want to release your inner Viking, please put your nationality in accurately.

Click Continue

Assessment Selection

You should see four assessments. Two of which give the option to re-take the 2019 and 2020 assessments. The new 2021 SBA and image based questions,

Register for the assessment

Click to register for any or all assessments. – For location choose the UK which is listed under Anne Begley

The exams are listed 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Be sure to make sure your profile is correct for your nation.

Complete Registration

To progress you have to enter your level of training and your EU citizenship status. This is not a Brexit related question, but a standard one for European assessments. You will be able to complete this assessment from any nation.

Once registered decide when you would like to take your assessment

Your dashboard will then show you have registered for the assessment. You can choose a time to take the assessment which is convenient to you.

It would be best for you to find a time when you can be undisturbed.

Click start and use the assessment password

When you are ready to complete an assessment click start and use the password

#OMFSuems  then follow the instructions on-screen.

All 2 of these exams have the same code/password

Set yourself a time limit (if you wish)

There is no time limit for either assessment, although your time will be noted. Recommendation is 2 hours maximum for the Single Best Answer assessment (SBA) and 30 minutes for the Image based questions.

Be careful to click only one answer

The software may let you pick more than one. If you pick more than one answer it will be marked wrong.

After you have completed the assessment

You can review your score by clicking results. You will get a graph comparing you to others at the same stage of training as you and overall.
When everyone has completed the assessment, I will provide a more detailed report.

Good luck

And please spread the word to your friends and colleagues home and overseas.